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A smooth guitar player
Corey Ray

Maurice is a smooth guitar player and a delight to work with! Hire him for a evening of good times!

Artist @
Liz London

Maurice Johnson is much more than just a Jazz Musician... He lives the Music, the Music lives within him and he shares not only his tunes but 35 years of business experience with students. His dedication to his profession is beyond the norm. He is an inspiration to thousands of fans and students through his daily posts, memes and consistent interactions.

Managing Director - CallMultiplier
John Secondi

Maurice put the smooth into smooth jazz! great artist and a wonderful human being! If you get a chance to hear him - or even better, meet him in person AND hear him - do it!

Owner/CEO *k~kat jazz café*
Kay McShane

Maurice delivers!! The lush, luscious layers of his amazing laid back music sound is an Oklahoma, Full Meal ... We're talking ham & eggs, hash browns, a side of bacon and flap jacks ...... Three Eggs. I'll be back for dinner Mr. J Thanks for a stunning smooth jazz ride ... See you off the 35/75

The Smoothjazz Loft
Melvin Manders

I call him the master of Smoothness. So far I know I have all his cd's. Maurice has his own special sound and that's what I like about an artist. He distinguishes himself from other artists and goes for quality. Please go on this way Maurice.

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